At dinner time...

Main Course Only : 25€ / Starter – Main Course: 32€ / Starter – Main Course - Dessert : 38€

all the week's dinners, saturday lunch & dinner and banks holidays !

( Please note: during public holidays we only offer the evening menu. )


Lightness …

  • Poached octopus carpaccio in court-bouillon,

    lovage mayonnaise, Japanese black garlic purée, cauliflower pickles, lovage oil with Espelette pepper.
  • Grilled white asparagus,

    black olive powder, torch-grilled Colonnata, wild garlic pesto, celeriac sauce, walnuts and Granny Smith apple.
  • Homemade foie gras flavored with Coteaux du Layon and kampot pepper,

    brioche with seeds and nuts, rhubarb compote. (Supplement 5€)
Main courses


  • Pollack stuffed with spinach shoots,

    green asparagus, red beet puree with blackcurrant, fish stock with parsley chlorophyll.
  • Saddle of lamb and roast lamb chops,

    peppered artichokes stuffed with pulled lamb, Paimpol coconut puree, tomato ketchup.
  • Roasted veal,

    pea planter with sucrine and spring onion, pea puree, green lentil tiles from Puy, spring onion emulsion with green curry.




  • Strawberry dome,

    strawberry and pepper insert, sponge cake, strawberry rose coulis, lime meringue.
  • Peanut mousse desserts,

    Dulcey chocolate ganache, cocoa shortcrust pastry, coffee coulis, dark chocolate tuile.
  • Fresh cherries,

    pickled and candied, Genoa bread, gin and basil granita, fresh milk foam, cherry tuiles.
  • Selection of cheeses from the “Crèmerie des Carmêlites”.

  • And of course,

    our chocolate fondant with a salted butter caramel heart and its white cheese ice cream.

This menu is an exemple. We will try and keep up-dated; however, we do work with fresh products and sometimes we need to adjust... Thank you for your understanding.

BIB Gourmand 2023 (for the 8th consecutive year)