Evening Menu – In English

DINNER (all the week’s dinners and saturday lunch and dinner)

Main Course Only : 21€ Starter – Main Course: 29€

Starter – Main Course – Dessert : 35€






Breton shortbread with seaweed, mussel tartare flavored with coriander, tomato fondue
and mussel soup flavored with kaffir.
Beef tartare with a knife, eggplant caviar, artichokes confit in olive oil, fried onions.
Homemade foie gras flavored with calvados, rhubarb compote and blackberry cream,
rhubarb gel.

Main courses…

Iberian pig pluma marinated in soy, then grilled. Mashed potatoes in olive oil, spring
onion, roasted new carrots.
Braised octopus tentacles, vegetable niçoise, tomato coulis with basil, kalamata olives,
anchovy cream with parmesan.
Lean fillet roasted on the skin, mashed carrots with coconut milk, beef jus, summer


Almond macaroon, peach marmalade and mousse, tangy red fruit coulis, vanilla ice
Frozen nougat with honey and dried fruits, black sesame crust and gomasio.
Crunchy and melting meringue, Bourbon vanilla whipped cream, “prodigious” olive oil.

Cheese platter from the « Crèmerie des Carmélites » and condiments.

And of course always available, our just cooked with hot chocolate and its salted butter
caramel heart.
*This menu is an exemple. We will try and keep up-dated; however, we do work with
fresh products and sometimes we need to adjust… Thank you for your