Evening Menu – In English

DINNER (all the week’s dinners and saturday lunch and dinner)

Main Course Only : 25€ Starter – Main Course: 32€

Starter – Main Course – Dessert : 38€






Snacked white asparagus, walnuts, olive powder, lardo di colonnata, pesto and mustard
Seared scallops, glazed daikon marinated in bergamot oil, mizuna, squid ink crumble.
Homemade foie gras flavored with Cointreau, coulis and tuiles of kumquats, homemade
brioche with orange blossom. (Supplement 5€)

Main courses…

Tournedos of marinated monkfish tail and multicolored chard, mashed leaves, sautéed
razor clams, virgin of yellow beets, tangy balls.
Roasted lamb chop, shredded shoulder confit, mashed potatoes with wild garlic and Pont-
Neuf potatoes.
Suckling pig chop, spinach and pig’s trotter dome, celery pressed, reduced jus.

Blood orange dome, rooibos and blood orange insert, sponge cake, blood orange tuile,
rooibos tea coulis, cactus ice cream.
Variations of apples, crispy filo pastry, old Calvados namelaka.
Hazelnut financier, creamy praline, roasted and caramelized hazelnut, chocolate cage,
chocolate sauce.
And of course, our chocolate fondant with a salted butter caramel heart and its white
cheese ice cream.


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fresh products and sometimes we need to adjust… Thank you for your