Evening Menu – In English

DINNER (all the week’s dinners and saturday lunch and dinner)

Main Course Only : 20€ Starter – Main Course: 28€

Starter – Main Course – Dessert : 33€





Gravlax of lean fish with Tasmanian pepper, crab « étrille » broth flavored with ginger,
tile cuttlefish ink, shoots of peas.
Pan-fried scallops, shells and pumpkin, clementine zest and squash seeds.
Foie gras flavored with gingerbread, compote of tangerines.

Main courses…

Halibut fillet cooked in court-bouillon, butternut puree in Buddha’s hand, pencil leeks and
oat tile.
Roasted black chicken from Challans, stuffed with mushrooms, pressed of heliantis, purée
of parsley root and parsley root chips, foie gras sauce.
Roasted duck breast, smoked potato mash, baby onions, « cocotte » potato, black sesame


Almond blancmange, beggar fruit, roasted pears with tonka bean, Kalamansi coulis.
Clémentine poached and raw, crumble with chestnut flour, mandarin mousse,
warm wine sauce, chestnut ice cream.
Roasted apple « reinette » in the oven, apple « Granny Smith » julienne,
apple « Golden » confit, vanilla madeleine and espuma manzanita.
And of course, our Chocolat fondant with its melting heart of salted caramel

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*This menu is an exemple. We will try and keep up-dated, however we do work with
fresh products and sometimes we need to adjust… Thank you for your