Evening Menu – In English

DINNER (all the week’s dinners and saturday lunch and dinner)

Main Course Only : 20€ Starter – Main Course: 28€

Starter – Main Course – Dessert : 33€




Sea bream carpaccio marinated with red cabbage, pickles, pickled cucumbers, multicolored
radish, mashed beetroot and lemon caviar.
Tartar of knives & langoustines with lovage and celery branch, seeds of fennel, appel espuma
and snacked langoustine.
Foie gras flavored with mirabelle plum brandy and plum compote.
Main courses…
Roasted monkfish, eggplant purée, braised fennel, tomato coulis, crunchy fennel.
Roast duck fillet, puree of card, mini seasonal vegetables, yellow beet chips.
Roasted rack of lamb, viennese turmeric, crunchy beans and peppers, mashed peas and
peppers coulis.
Roasted apricot, in compote and in gel, cottage cheese from Beillevaire, puff pastry and ice
cream with almond milk.
Frosted dome of pink grapefruit, breton shortbread, opaline scented with dill, coulis, curd
and grapefruit milkshake.
Stewed rhubarb with basil, rhubarb ice, tile with cocoa nibs, quenelle of farm fresh cream.
And of course, our Chocolat fondant with its melting heart of salted caramel
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*This menu is an exemple. We will try and keep up-dated, however we do work with
fresh products and sometimes we need to adjust… Thank you for your understanding.