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Every dinner, saturday lunch and dinner.


Creamy Kaffir Mussel, Yellow Carrot Vermicelli with bread tile and Purple Shiso

Pork cheek confit with cider, salted sponge cake of chorizo, buckwheat tile, ice cream rocket.

Foie gras, pineapple chutney flavored with Espelette pepper and lemongrass

Main courses...

Roasted monkfish, green asparagus, aillet purée, clam, saffron emulsion, green anise crumble, asparagus chips.

Duck breast cooked low temperature and fraying confit leg with hazelnut and lovage. Puree parsnips, mini carrots and roasted garlic.

Saddle of lamb in two ways: roast fillet and spicy belly (sichuan, colombo, cajun). Sweet potato chips and puree..Decleaning of beetroot in gel, chips and mini beets cooked with salt. Bear garlic and timut pepper.


Rhubarb compote, rhubarb rotie and white chocolate and basil ganache. Tile of cocoa crane, rhubarb and basil emulsion

Perfect iced with praline, creamy yuzu, macaroons and nougatines.

Roasted pear with tamarind, emulsion of pear, poached pear in its cylinder of filo paste with tamarind and tamarind mousse

And of course, our Chocolate fondant with its melting heart of salted caramel*


Ask for the weekly selection

*This menu is an exemple. We will try and keep up-dated, however we do work with fresh products and sometimes we need to adjust... Thank you for your understanding.

Business lunch

From tuesday to friday, at lunch time, we offer the menu "La Pt'tie Monnaie". Changing everyday, there are 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 deserts to choose from...

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Starter/Main - Main/Dessert
Starter/Main - Main/Dessert

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